Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Lyrics Plate

Hello lovelies! 
Sorry I haven't been on the past week... life was kinda crazy, but I have an awesome post to make up for my absence :)

I've seen this project all over Pinterest and have been wanting to make it myself. So I went to Target and found these rectangle white porclein plates on sale for $1.99 each. And I figured they'd make the perfect test plates.

I checked quite a few different blogs with a bunch of different diy instructions, but I ended up doing my own thing (I tend to be a intruction rebel...).

What you need (according to me):
~ Sharpie
~ Plates
~ Chosen lyrics up and 
ready to be copied.

I chose to write part of a Jason Mraz song onto my plate... and I think I'll use a fine tip sharpie next time so the lyrics aren't so chunky. But I still love the vibe and look of the lyric plate...

Give it a try and enjoy your gorgeous, unique creation!!


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