Me in a Nutshell

Kylie Rae
as you can see... I like making silly faces. I'm kinda humorous by nature... chock full of wit and hilarity ;)

I love Jesus with my whole heart.
My family and friends means the world to me.
A 20-something avid baker, cook, & spontaneously creative individual.
I love drawing, painting, sketching, and am now getting into typography.
Music can make me laugh, cry, and feel deep emotions like nothing else.
I am a Christmas-loving fanatic... I may seem normal, but don't let looks fool you, I live for Christmas. I even start listening to Christmas music as early as July... it's true. I'm completely unashamed too.
I love photography - the ability to capture a moment artistically and from any point of view. It's such a beautiful medium.

Baked Amour
My outlet for my love of baking, hence the name. I was always helping in the kitchen as a kid, so it seemed a natural choice to become a pastry chef. I still have a few classes left before I can officially be called a pastry chef...
So I'll be posting everything I bake, cook, & make on here.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments!


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